Industry engagement

The construction sector has many facets that affect the businesses of Specialist Trade Contractors. The STCF is represented on several construction sector groups to ensure a united and significant voice for our members.

Construction Industry Council

Arguably the peak industry group in the construction sector, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) is made up of stakeholders from across the sector including constructors, suppliers, consultants, building officials and Industry Training Organisations and clients.

The STCF is an active participant of the CIC which is a conduit to industry leaders and Government.

Building Research Advisory Council

The Building Research Advisory Council (BRAC) comprises nominees of a wide range of industry organisations who advise on information needs and strategic directions for BRANZ. BRAC members also elect the BRANZ Board, which is responsible for the overall governance of the BRANZ Group. STCF has two representatives on BRAC.

Construction Health and Safety New Zealand

Construction Health and Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ) is the sector leader for Health and Safety in the construction sector. The Board of CHASNZ represents commercial, residential and civil constructors, public and private construction clients, training providers, unions and WorkSafe.

CHASNZ is responsible for the Constructsafe competence assessment programme and is working with Site Safe towards standardised training and competence assessment across the sector. Other projects include standardising Contractor Prequalification which will reduce replication and compliance cost for subcontractors, standardising and collecting accident statistics which will allow businesses to measure their performance against industry benchmarks, and standardisation of health and safety processes to reduce compliance costs.

Standards NZ and Standard Contracts

STCF is represented on the committee that reviews NZS 3910:2013 New Zealand standard conditions of contract for building and civil engineering construction and also forms part of an ongoing committee with Master Builders and others to ensure SA2017 standard subcontract agreement is regularly reviewed and kept up to date with regulatory changes.

BIM Acceleration Committee

Building Information Management (BIM) has been slow to gain traction in NZ, however it is rapidly growing overseas with some countries enforcing it as a requirement on large public projects.

STCF has a representative on the BIM Acceleration Committee which is working to develop guidance and training for industry to assist in BIM uptake. It is important Specialist Trades are represented in this work to ensure costs are not all pushed onto subcontractors, especially at tendering, and to develop a consistent approach, avoiding replication.