We advocate for members on any changes to legislation which affect Specialist Trade Contractors. As an umbrella organisation, STCF has greater leverage when engaging with government than individual trade organisations or companies.

Current advocacy projects

Construction Contracts Act

We are actively engaged with Government and other stakeholders to stem the number of insolvencies the industry is experiencing.

This work includes:

  • advocating for further regulations within the CCA
  • stipulating how retention money is held
  • stipulating how retentions are to be paid following an insolvency
  • looking at penalties for directors of companies that contravene the provisions of the CCA which protect retentions.

Construction Accord

We are engaged in the Construction Accord -- a collaboration between government and industry.

The Accord is supported by leaders from all parts of the construction sector who recognise the need to build resilience and value, rather than the race to the bottom that has been the norm.


We are working to improve procurement practices of government and private sector clients. Bottom dollar procurement and unfair apportioning of contractual risk has led to high profile collapses of main contractors, but it is subcontractors and suppliers who bear most of the loss. Procurement based on quality and whole of life value brings benefits for the client and the supply chain.

Advocacy successes

Advocating for members with Government is a marathon not a sprint! ... and achieving positive change takes much time and work. We are proud to have been instrumental over the past decade in getting positive change in a number of areas.  Learn all about them here.